I will once again be packing my comics and heading north to The Alternative Press Expo in San Fransisco, CA on Saturday October 4th and Sunday October 5th! Joining me for the third consecutive year will be my best pal, and towering titan of talent stulivingston! Our neighbors this year will be my dear friends Brian Demarest and Gabbi Steiger (aka: parlophonebutter )

If you’re in the area come by and say hello! I’ll be making a few announcements soon of the wares and new books you’ll be able to get from my table!

Ill be right next to him at table 931!

So much has been happening! These are just stoopid scribbles from a sketchbook from the last few days, but I’ve barely drawn the past few weeks (i know, shame on me). Super rusty uugh! my bf just left for the other end of the state for 3+ years, I’m finally about to move and start studying animation, I’m in da middle of developing some comics, reading a BUNCH, and alot more! I feel like a zombie right now thoughhhh 

sorry for neglecting my tumblr! I am much more active on ~*~instagram~*~ for the time being where i don’t hafta rely on a scanner jejeje. I’m RABBITFOODS over there; say hi!

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